Do you know this one perfect moment? A spontaneous getaway with your best friends. The intoxicating rush of freedom under your wings. And then there’s this song that makes it all perfect. You turn up the volume, max it out, and the beat extends through your whole body.

American Tourister turns this moment into reality and we want to experience it together with you. Beat of Young Travel is your platform for one-of-a-kind moments in music and travel. Pack your bags, because now it’s: When life calls, be ready!

Music and travel are closely connected. One song brings back that unforgettable summer vacation, the other one reminds you of your last winter adventure. And what about that playlist you were blasting 24/7 on the last city break with your friends? American Tourister shares your passion for spontaneous getaways, breathtaking journeys and new experiences. The one thing you’ll definitely have to pack: the right soundtrack.

“When life calls, be ready!”

On Beat of Young Travel, American Tourister offers you a platform to discover exciting stories all about travelling and music. In our Travel Stories,popular Instagrammers tell you about their travel experiences. Interesting musicians invite you Off Stage for a look behind the scenes. And on top, on Beat of Young Travel, American Tourister gives you the chance to win highly sought-after festival tickets and unforgettable getaways. It pays off to come back often!

“Your journey, your soundtrack, your suitcase”

A journey is something very personal. You follow the inner compass, experience extraordinary things and let the soundtrack of your life be your companion. Your luggage should be as unique as your character. American Tourister shares your love for colours and has the perfect accessories for your journey. We produce our Lock’n’Roll suitcase in Europe according to a philosophy of design that leaves a lot of space for your individual demands on the road. Our Lock’n’Roll model is our pride and joy. Regardless if you’re on a short city break, a journey round the world, or on the way to a festival with your friends – this suitcase has enough space for all your stories and is as light as your feeling of freedom. Have fun on our Beat of Young Travel platform. We’re excited to share these one-of-a-kind moments with you.

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